Fashionable And Yet Affordable Clothing At KIS.NET

In the today fashion,  a lot of the women’s these days wants a very quirky and unique finds to wear. Because that’s how the fashion runs hence having these glamorous and chic finds to style with whether on your casual or formal events to attend is really a must do. But the problem of the most of the women is, where they could find this lovely clothing that could make them stand out? Well, I think you should check this one awesome shop here which I recently found called KIS.NET – where all the trendiest and affordable women finds were could find.

On this shop, could you actually see a lot of varieties of clothings. You may see some vintage style looking of clothes and there are also so sexy ones that could help you emphasizes your body curve without doing exercises. In addition, they did has some noble chiffon embroidered temperament dress stored for you to buy, as you all know that these type of clothing were indeed rarely and hard to find today in the market. But has all of the styles readily to ship on your doorstep. The good thing was, this shop is one of the leading stores today online that is guaranteed the cheapest and the most reliable source of women clothing today in the market, hence you can assure your products to be in quality and at the same time it will arrived to you on the expected or given time frame, unlike to the other stores which may takes at least a month or so before you can get the items you have bought them.

Also, you might wanna get some purple floral dress for you to style with this summer season? Because purple is the color of the summer today along with the other bright or neon colors. But if you keen for the casual dresses for women to pull off? I think a basic floral dresses will and good thing that this KIS CLOTHING has it all for you to get. So what are you waiting for? Go check this shop now and pick all the dresses you will find useful for you upcoming events and gatherings.

You may also want to follow this shop from their respective social media platforms for you to be updated on your promos and whatnots. Because this shop is pretty generous for keeping their products, mostly all of their items, on sales from time to time. Hence, it’s really best for you to get into their social media’s for your own convenience.

Plus Size Waist Trainer From FeelinGirl

I know most of you women are getting a hardship, at the moment, to lose up some weights in you which most people are struggling now. But no worries, because I had found one awesome item here which you could buy only at the shop called where all the types of body shapers and trimmers, and plus size waist trainer, were listed and even to selling out for a very reasonable and cheapest prices. Hence, this shop gained so many consumers in a matter of a short time.

FeelinGirl X Panel Design High Waist Butt Enhancer Shaping Panty

FeelinGirl Plus Size Seamless Shapewear For Women

One of their best items to get on this shop was their very own Plus size waist trainer from FeelinGirl. Because these sets of plus-size waist trainers are too elastic and could really help you to achieve your desires body shape along the way as long you are wearing it on a daily basis. In addition, these waist trimmers could shape up your body instantly and get rid of your bulking body parts as it was intended to contract your body in shape.

FeelinGirl Plus Size Snake Print Zipper Waist Trainer | Latex Abdominal Belt

FeelinGirl Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer | Black Neoprene Body Shaper Slimming Girdles with Hemming

Also, the shop has a good set of best shapewear shorts that are a perfect pair for your waist trimmer. These products came with different sizes and colors too hence you can choose the right one for your personality, preferred outfits, and liking. in fact, most of the celebrities and even some of the well-known fashion enthusiasts and bloggers are now considering wearing their own plus size waist trainer. Because these waist trimmer could also bring up the confidence to every woman and give the result instantly especially during unwanted events.

So what are you waiting for, folks? why not check out the shop now and see which kind of waist shappers would perfectly to gt for yourself.

Buying Cheap Lingerie Online

We all know that buying something online is pretty expensive. Because you will be needing to pay extra for the taxes and shipping fee. But not today, because I had found this one shop here called Lover-Beauty where all the latest lingerie and sleepwear for women were houses and even selling out for the very cheapest prices. In fact, they do offer free shipping too if you reached on the minimum amount spend to be eligible for the said free shipping.

Fancy Pink Slender Strap Sleepwear Solid Color Fashion Online

This shop offers a wide array of finds for women. Besides the lingerie, they do offer some waist trimmers that are pretty trendy these days for the teens. Because these trimmers could really help you trimmed down your waistline instantly and this preferably wearing when you have events and the same to attend to. In addition, this shop offer dropshipping wherein you can also earn for it buy selling their cheap lingerie wholesale on your friends and family. It’s actually pretty easy to do it, just email them about the drop shipping scheme they are offering and all details will be sending out to your way for you to learn and apply.

Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression

Also, this shop has chic short dresses to be considered. And their designs were too superb for the coming summer season. In fact, I am buying some for my mom and sister as I knew that the dresses in this shop are too fine and fabulous to give out as a present. Furthermore, if you are on the lookout for the women stuff to use or to give out for your friends and family? I think you should first check this store and shop for all the things you will think are the necessity to use, as for the women’s needs.

Glamorous Leaf Non-Sleeve Tie Back Skater Dress Unique Fashion

Again, this the only sho offer cheap dresses online wholesale in comparison to the same shops out there on the web. So, what are you waiting for folks? go check them out now and see all the finest women’s finds to steals.

The Last Frontier of the North: Places to Visit in Beautiful Batanes

Batanes, the Philippines’ northernmost and smallest province, is a dreamy destination that’s part of almost every Pinoy traveler’s bucket list. Honestly, who can blame them? With its vast verdant hills, clear blue waters crashing into rocky shores, and warm and welcoming locals, Batanes is definitely a pocket of paradise. 

Small as it is (with a total land area of 219 square kilometers), Batanes has plenty of natural and cultural wonders to offer. The three main islands of Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat are the location of idyllic villages, museums, churches, hills, rivers, and beaches to visit and enjoy. For first timers, it may be wiser to book a Batanes tour package. This way, you can both save money and get to visit all the must-see spots and attractions. Speaking of which, here are just a few of Batanes’ hundreds of breathtaking sights.


These rolling hills and sprawling meadows (complete with roaming cows!) in Uyugan, South Batan, are more popularly known as Marlboro Country or Marlboro Hills. Indeed, Rakuh-a-Payaman looks so much like the setting of the infamous cigarette advertisement. The lush green fields and hills are complemented with the clear blue skies, wispy white clouds, and the crashing waves of the Pacific. It will leave you awestruck for a few moments, for sure, just taking in the sights and breathing in the fresh air. The pictures truly don’t do it justice; you have to visit Batanes and see just how majestic Rakuh-a-Payaman is for yourself.

Basco Lighthouse

Located in North Batan, the Basco Lighthouse is situated atop the Naidi Hills. It’s another well-known and often-visited tourist spot in Batanes, and it is also Basco’s most famous landmark. The spot used to be where the Americans established telegraph facilities in order to connect Batanes to the central government during that American colonial era. The facility remained there until it got bombed by the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War.

Basco Lighthouse or Naidi Hills Lighthouse stands about six stories tall (66 feet), with a viewing deck on the fifth floor. Here, you can enjoy panoramic views of the glorious sky and landscape, as well as sweeping vistas of the West Philippine Sea, Mt. Iraya, Batan Island, and Sabtang and Itbayat Islands.

Mt. Carmel Church

Also located in Basco, Mt. Carmel Church was constructed using traditional Ivatan stone houses as a design inspiration. The church is also called Tukon Chapel, an apt name since “tukon” means “mountain” in Ivatan, and the building sits on top of a hilly area near Mt. Iraya.

The Abads, the most prominent clan in Batanes, spearheaded the project with the help of the local community’s carpenters, craftsmen, and stoneworkers. The church was completed in May 2008 and has since become a popular venue for weddings. Photographers also love capturing the beautiful views of the West Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean from the strategic vantage point of the church.

Valugan Boulder Beach

The Philippines is known for its many white-sand beaches, and all of these are quite beautiful in their own right. If you’re looking for something more unique, however, Valugan Boulder Beach might just be the place for you. As its name suggests, Valugan Boulder Beach doesn’t have sand; instead, it has huge boulders and stones, which are the products of past eruptions of Mt. Iraya. Swimming is not recommended here, though, since the strong waves are a bit too much to handle for anyone. However, you can still roam around and hop on the boulders to take photos. The rock balancing art pieces, in particular, are popular subjects, as are the foamy waves crashing on the shore.

Homoron Blue Lagoon

Located in Mahatao, the Homoron Blue Lagoon sits between rocky cliffs along the road connecting Mahatao to Ivana. During the Spanish colonial era, the Spaniards had exclusive access to this area. This earned the lagoon the moniker “Spanish Lagoon.” Unlike most of the waters surrounding Batanes, the waters in Homoron Blue Lagoon are pretty calm and are thus perfect for swimming. The sloping, rocky path to get to the pool is a little obscured, though, so hiring a tour guide would be a good idea.

All the gorgeous tourist spots mentioned here are in Batan, but there are definitely more places to visit in Batanes. Dequey Island, Morong Beach, Chavayan Village, Malakdang Lighthouse, and Sumnanga Village are waiting for you in Sabtang. Moreover, the Agosan Rock, Kumayaskas Underground Stream, Port Mauyen, Mt. Riposet, and Siayan Island are some of the must-visit locations in Itbayat.

It’s time to book that flight you’ve been planning to take to Batanes. You owe it to yourself to see this breathtaking Philippine province in person, so you can fully appreciate its natural beauty and well-preserved culture.

My Wishlist + Anniversary Sale At

Everyone’s loves to have their new fashion finds in them especially now the winter season is about to end soon thus a lot of you folks were too excited to have bought any finds that could complete your spring and summer wardrobe. To be honest, I have got mine already at this shop called where all the finest and latest fashion pieces were listed and selling for a very reasonable pieces. You may now check it yourself for your own convenient.

Though, I have got some pieces from them. I am still keen to acquire some new items that I know will be nicely to pull off this summer season under the sun at the sun while enjoying the humid season. Hence, let me hare with you the some items that I really wanted to get and I will be sharing with you too their discounted code after my wishlist for you to maximize your shopping experience from their shop too like what I will do now.

Drawstring Colorful Geometric Half Face Print Shorts

Printed Drawstring Beach Shorts

Aztec Geometric T-shirt

Crew Neck Geometric Half Face Print T-shirt

these are the items I am planning to buy off soon. And hopefully I can have them soon as the summer season it’s just around the corner. Good thing, that Dresslily is having their Anniversary sale at the moment where they had provided this coupon code , below, that could help us to have our shopping cart be discounted.

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Best Clothing Selection For Travel Trips

I know most of you might wondered on what are the latest trend these days for travellers like yourself. Hence, I have made this post up for you to know or to at least have the idea on what fashion pieces you could consider for your travels.

To be honest, picking clothing isn’t that hard to do. Because all you have to know is the weather of the country or place you’re about to go through. Like for example you’re planned to do to Korea this march 2019 and the weather that time might possible a pricing already. So, you’ll have to pick this spring outfit that you’ll think fits your personal styling. If you don’t know where to buy these set of clothes, I’ll then suggest you to take a look this awesome shop called where all the types of clothing for both men and women were houses and even sell out for their reasonable prices. You can check it yourself now and see on how dope and in trend their each pieces were.

But if you are keen to know my own stable piece whenever I travel abroad or in local? Let me include some of them below and hopeful you can consider them too as they are too useful when yo travel.

Surom Men Stylish Comfortable Sandals for Beach

This sandals is pretty nice to have. Because you can easily pair it up whether to your summery kind of outfit as well to your semi or casual to formal wearings. I have tried it so many times and it does look so nice if you have this smart casual type of fashion, for yourself.

Contract Color Pullover Drawstring Hoodie

Nest to m y list was this pullover or others calling it as hoodie. This piece is too versatile where you can wear it through the summer, as your protection thru sun ray, and you can even sport this throughout winter season. In addition, you may also wear it during your sweat times or run times. Hence, I really like to have this pullover with me every time I travel, It’s very essentials.

Hem Zipper Colorblock Track Pants

Of course, when you travel, you’ll have to feel comfortable and at eased. To achieved this, you must have to have a very comfortable bottom and I really suggest you to have this track pants that are being available at men’s section at These pants are too trendy these days not for teens but also to all men out there who wants comfort when they travel.

So these are my pretty travel fashion essentials and I know you finds them too comforting and useful too. You may now start shopping at and don’t forget to include their current Discount CodeDLBF20 before you checkout for additional 20% off.