New Zealand Visit Visa Requirements

I know applying for a visa is quite stressing and for worse it’s nerve wrecking as the agony of waiting, as you lodged the visa application already, is really fretting. Yes! I have gone to that feeling and even experienced the most worse scenario could be which is having my application denied,that I’ll be sharing with you in the other post because that’s different story and nothing to do with my NZ application.

Anyway, the requirements for NZ visit visa is pretty easy and basic unlike with other embassies that would required you some notarization, legal letter and even unreasonable documents that you really cant produced with. Hence, applying a visa in New Zealand is way different and a way awesome, I must say, because all you have to present was your proof of funds, evidence of employment and your travel documents. Yes! those are the only I’ve submitted via my online application and they can still process my application without asking further documents to present.


After you lodgement online, I supposed you lodged it online too like I did, just wait for the consulate to open it and have it review ( probably it would take 3-10 days to process ) and once done they’ll be going to send you a letter which states that you’ll have to send over your passport to them through the VFS NEW ZEALAND APPLICATION CENTRE for visa labeling or if not, as NZ is more to eVisa these days on, they’ll probably linking up  your passport unto electronic data which may transfer to their immigration for them to see that you’d still have your visa valid upon entering the country, New Zealand. And after that you can printed out your eVisa that they’ll be going to send over your NZ online visa application account. Yes! that’s how easy it was.. So, try to apply now as their visa in on eased and easily to obtained.


9 comments on “New Zealand Visit Visa Requirements

    1. Hello Ash, actually depending in the number of days you planning to stay. Let say you opted for a week stay and your budget declared was 100 NZD a day (100×7 = 700 NZD) in exclusion of your airfare. 🙂 hope this may help you.

  1. I want to know the documents that i need to prepare can you help me? Im confused please give me the details cover letter, evidence of fund, funds for travel,

    1. Hey Tricia,

      Bring all the documents you think that can justified your application.:) and for the evidence of support/funds these usually your bank statement and certificate that you can always request to your bank.

  2. Hello Ronel,
    I would like to ask if you already purchased your plane ticket before applying visa? Also, would like to know if your submitted documents (Evidence of funds and Funds for Travel) were just the same?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello Leti,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment/question regarding the visa application for NZ, I really appreciate it.

      For your question, yes! Both were the same you can upload it in both category as you were applying online. And no I haven’t purchased the ticket yet when I applied.

      Don’t worry NZ tourist visa is free and you can always reapply without limit until you get your visa approved. 🙂

      Thank you so much

      All best,

      1. hi for real its free
        my sister paid 8k and sadly the nz ministry denied her application..
        anyway im a friend of your sister jane


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