MY UK Visit Visa is Approved!

After the days of waiting anxiously. I finally got my passport yesterday (April 27, 2017) with my UK visa labeled on to it. The whole process takes 10 business days that begins to the date I lodged my application to the VFS Manila. But base to the (UK) British Embassy website they process each visa application up to 15 business days hence you dont have to worry as you haven’t heard anything from them within 10 business days prior to your last date lodgement.

Anyway, you can always up an query regarding your visa status at this page: and an email will be send over to you that contains your visa current status for your convenience, just dont forget to include out your reference visa number that begins with: GWF******* that you can find at your VFS Receipt. You can also use this reference number by tracking down your passport at 2GO courier once the VFS made the shipment already.

Also, UK Embassy doesn’t disclosed the information regarding your visa application yet ( approved or denied) until you gets you passport back and see if there’s a visa labeled to it…

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