My Zaful Wishlist

We all know that holiday season is fast approaching and it’s given for us all to have this wishlist that we wanna receive as soon we celebrate the festivity of the holiday. Today, let me list out the items I wanna get myself before this year will end.

By the way, this wishlist or the items from this list are from the online shop called Because this shop is pretty decent and reliable when it comes to their fashion finds and services hence I really wanted to get off my finds in here other than to the same stores available today online.

Crew Neck Stripe Panel T-shirt

First off to the list was this crew neck stripe T-shirt. Because this tee is perfectly for the season today which is Fall and you can also sport it to winter as long you know on how to mix and match the piece to your winter outwear.

Streetwear Ripped Armband Denim Jacket

And if you are keen to have an denim jacket. I really recommend this fashionable denim jacket here. Because I know everyone of you wanna looks so dope and quirky to established it’s own fashion statement, right? hence having this kind of jacket really makes you stand out among the rest.

Faux Leather High Top Skate Shoes

Last to my wishlist was this Faux Leather High Top sneakers. Because this shoe is suits in the season and it comes well in any fall or wither statement you’d trying to sport to or pull off. You can check it at Zaful for more details and even to other selections of this kind.