Taiwan Immigration News: Southeast Asian Countries Can Now Enter Taiwan Without Visa

Good news folks! Starting this June 2017 mostly of the southeast Asian Countries, Philippines included, are now able to enter taiwan without a visa. Unlike when the last time where you’ll have to have this travel Authorization Certification that you can only acquired if you have any of these first world countries visas that you can pass in the details through to Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs online. But not no more as there’s a news made already and we can take advantage on this for one year as this free enter is on the trial base for one year as states on the Taiwan’s immigration website. For more details you can always check Taiwan’s Immigration website because this might change in due time hence checking it yourself before flying is a great practice to avoid a future trip in trouble.

These are the countries that will benefit this Visa free Entry; Philippines, India, Indonesia, Myanmar Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

UPDATE: Taiwan’s Immigration has postponed the free entry visa privilege for Filipino this June and moving it up by September but let’s all wait for their proper update regarding this so better not to book yet your tickets.

How to Enter Taiwan without the Proper Visa?

Yes! I know I am quite caught up in time by blogging this up. Because as this time more of you, especially Filipinos, who included in this new immigration law of Republic of Taiwan are in knew already on how to enter Taiwan without the proper visa or the visa itself that is being labeled to your passport. Actually, not just Philippines passports are included in this kind of free-entry scheme as the neighboring Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Myanmar Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are also partaking in it.

To have this, you’ll have to have any visas from the first world countries such like. USA, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, ANY SCHENGEN VISAS & AUSTRALIA and you can simply apply for the certification on this link: https://niaspeedy.immigration.gov.tw/nia_southeast/ no worries, it is totally free and you can also have it within a minute right after you signed up or filled up your details on.

Just make sure that the certification is being printed out in the A4 size bond paper and make it colored, like what you are seeing in the top photo, and you are good to go. For more details about this you can always check the Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs here: http://www.boca.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=6464&ctNode=868&mp=2.

UPDATE: Good news folks! starting on June this year, 2017, we Filipino and other Asian countries are allowed to enter Taiwan without the visa at all. Meaning, you dont have this ROC Travel Certification upon entering the country, Taiwan.

Intro: The inexpensive Journeys

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Finally! I got this gut to have this travel blog of mine to be up and run over the web. Actually, I am too keen to have an travel blog like this one way back time when I’ve started blogging year 2010. But due with the lack of travel experiences and I dunno what to write about that time I am then decided to stick with lifestyle blog might most of you known about already. Anyway, as an intro let me tell you what am gonna put up this little corner here that I’ve called ” The Inexpensive Journeys” I came up with this domain name while I was thinking off on what is the best to name this blog and as I am fond with checking some seat sales from these airlines I then thought why I am not doing this by giving out tips on how people can travel frugally and cheaply, as possible they can be. Truly enough, that we can go and out to the world with the minimal budget you have. No worries, I’ll help you with to your itineraries and places to check as you read the entire writes I’ve posted here.

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