Acquiring UK VISA: Appointment Day!

As I’ve said, If you done completing your online application, have it printed out and already got your appointment date for the submission of your application package and for collecting Biometric and next step was to present yourself at the VFS ECO Plaza Makati Manila. Be sure that you’re 15 minutes early upon your appointment time as they’re allowing applicant to enter the building 15 minutes early.


VFS Manila Visa Application Centre
Mezzanine Floor, Unit M01 Ecoplaza Building
2305 Chino Roces Ave. Extension
Makati City 1231

United Kingdom Visa center was located at the second floor and as you goes up you may see a guard there asking for your appointment letter to present hence dont forget to printed out your appointment letter or less they cant allow you at all to enter the building.


Don’t bring bag inside, actually you can but you’ll have to deposit it over to the locker beside to the guard area and it has a fee ( 75 PHP) which is not reasonable at all because you’ll probably staying at the building for like 10 minutes, in my case, so paying for the locker is not really a good idea. Better to have a companion who will wait you outside who can carry your belongings for awhile.

Also, make sure that you have your checklist ready as well that you can download beforehand over this link: Because the representative will ask it over but if you forgot to brings yours, dont fret! as they have a spare checklist to give out for you to fill it up. 🙂

VFS Fees?

This is only optional though: if you opt to have your passport delivered at your home address there was a corresponding fee for that and it’s : PHP 525.00 and if you want an SMS update you can also get that by paying PHP158 which I dont recommend at all. Why? because they just texted me once stating that my application was being forwarded to the UK Embassy and after than I haven’t received any from the Text. haha! But they do email you as well regarding on the updates and status hence you’ll be not needing the SMS for that matter.

What to wear inside VFS?

Please dont overdress! VFS is not a embassy they’re just collecting our applications hence you can wear sort of “casual” wearing while lodging your application. Actually me, am just wore my obey sweat shorts and a basic plain tees when the time I lodged my application and still I can able to enter haha just dont wear tank top/sando and slipper, I guess.



Applying for a UK VISIT VISA

 photo tenor_zpst8ukjzkm.gif

Who wants to see the queen in the Buckingham palace? I know most of you out there are raising your hands and me included, as it was my dreamt to see UK, London specifically, because the city has a lot of majestic views to appreciate and the culture itself is quite specially I think, though I haven’t expose myself that much in it and still, I was fascinated in what am seeing over the postcard that a friend always bought home for me hence it pushes me to apply for my very first UK Visit Visa.

Applying for a visit or general tourist visa in the UK is the most painless and easiest than to the other embassies that I’ve been through. Because all you have to do is the complete your application forms, get your documents ready and filed them in order base on the checklist and lodge them out in the VFS office in manila if you are in Luzon particularly but to those who are residing in Visayas and Mindanao no worries though as they have an VFS office in Cebu that you can visit for your visa lodgement, and I’ll be writing down the address below for your convenience.

Documents To Provide?

For the first timer in applying for a visa, I know the concern you may have was, what are these documents to present to have my visa application be approved? Well, there’s no specific documents needed that the embassy requires beside to your bank statements, employment certificate, your current passport that should be valid 6 months prior to your travel in the UK, evidence of your income that indicates your monthly salary, ITR and a letter from your HR stating the total amount you getting as an employee for the monthly basis – you can also include this details on your employment certification. And of course all applications or applicants has different situations to established for you to have the visa approved. Might most of you has a family member sponsoring you for the trip or a friend perhaps that might shouldering all your expenses while in UK and so – for that matter, you should provide an additional documentation that can justified your application like a letter from your sponsor stating that she or he shouldering all of your expenses while in the UK. And for the applicants that has a family member in the UK you should established your relationship by giving out a proof of relation – what are these docs? You can provide your both birth certificates for the legal basis and you can always show some of your old pictures together hence the officer may see that you have a strong family relationship.

And to those who haven’t an ITR & COE to present like myself, Please dont fret as you can always write an explanation letter stating why you’re lacking to these documents. Yes! I did this and luckily I got my visa approved!!! Yes to that!! hehe

If you do have your courage to apply for your UK Visitor Visa now, you can start completing your application form by making your online account here: and for the fee, please do check it below and make sure you know the visa category you’re applying for as I included all the fees per visa category:

Standard Visitor

Visa types Visa application fee (USD) Visa application guide
Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry) 116 Visa application guide
Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years) 438 Visa application guide
Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years) 796 Visa application guide
Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years) 997 Visa application guide

Short-term study

Visa types Visa application fee (USD) Visa application guide
Short-term study (up to 6 months) 121 Visa application guide
Short-term study – To study English Language 233 Visa application guide

Business visitors

Visa types Visa application fee (USD) Visa application guide
Business visitor – academic visitor (up to 12 months) and dependant 233 Visa application guide
Business visitor – clinical attachments, dental observation and PLAB/OSCE test 121 Visa application guide
Diplomatic courier 116 Visa application guide
Permitted Paid Engagements 116 Visa application guide
Prospective Entrepreneur 116 Visa application guide

Special visitors – marriage or civil partnership

Visa types Visa application fee (USD) Visa application guide
Marriage or civil partnership 116 Visa application guide

Special visitors -parents of children at school

Visa types Visa application fee (USD) Visa application guide
Parent of a child at school (up to 12 months) 645 Visa application guide

Special visitors -child visitors

Visa types Visa application fee (USD) Visa application guide
Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry) 116 Visa application guide
Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years) 438 Visa application guide
Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years) 796 Visa application guide
Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years) 997 Visa application guide

Diplomatic/Official Visitor

Visa types Visa application fee (USD) Visa application guide
Diplomatic Passport Holder Free of charge
Official Invitation by UK Government Free of charge

Course F visitors

Visa types Visa application fee (USD) Visa application guide
Course F (main applicant and dependants) 116

Visitors in transit

Visa types Visa application fee (USD) Visa application guide
Visitor in transit 81 Visa application guide

Once you’ve done your application online and had made your payment already and got your appointment date for lodgement in the VFS office – (you can all do these on your VISA4UK account). You can now relax and wait for the day given for you to visit the VFS. Addresses are listed below:

VFS Manila Visa Application Centre
Mezzanine Floor, Unit M01 Ecoplaza Building
2305 Chino Roces Ave. Extension
Makati City 1231

VFS Cebu Visa Application Centre
503, Keppel Building, Cardinal Rosales Avenue Cor Samar Loop,
Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Please do read my post “Acquiring UK VISA: Appointment day” for you to know my personal experiences inside the VFS office and on how convenient and smooth their procedure was.

Taiwan Immigration News: Southeast Asian Countries Can Now Enter Taiwan Without Visa

Good news folks! Starting this June 2017 mostly of the southeast Asian Countries, Philippines included, are now able to enter taiwan without a visa. Unlike when the last time where you’ll have to have this travel Authorization Certification that you can only acquired if you have any of these first world countries visas that you can pass in the details through to Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs online. But not no more as there’s a news made already and we can take advantage on this for one year as this free enter is on the trial base for one year as states on the Taiwan’s immigration website. For more details you can always check Taiwan’s Immigration website because this might change in due time hence checking it yourself before flying is a great practice to avoid a future trip in trouble.

These are the countries that will benefit this Visa free Entry; Philippines, India, Indonesia, Myanmar Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

UPDATE: Taiwan’s Immigration has postponed the free entry visa privilege for Filipino this June and moving it up by September but let’s all wait for their proper update regarding this so better not to book yet your tickets.

How to Enter Taiwan without the Proper Visa?

Yes! I know I am quite caught up in time by blogging this up. Because as this time more of you, especially Filipinos, who included in this new immigration law of Republic of Taiwan are in knew already on how to enter Taiwan without the proper visa or the visa itself that is being labeled to your passport. Actually, not just Philippines passports are included in this kind of free-entry scheme as the neighboring Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Myanmar Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are also partaking in it.

To have this, you’ll have to have any visas from the first world countries such like. USA, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, ANY SCHENGEN VISAS & AUSTRALIA and you can simply apply for the certification on this link: no worries, it is totally free and you can also have it within a minute right after you signed up or filled up your details on.

Just make sure that the certification is being printed out in the A4 size bond paper and make it colored, like what you are seeing in the top photo, and you are good to go. For more details about this you can always check the Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs here:

UPDATE: Good news folks! starting on June this year, 2017, we Filipino and other Asian countries are allowed to enter Taiwan without the visa at all. Meaning, you dont have this ROC Travel Certification upon entering the country, Taiwan.

New Zealand Visit Visa Requirements

I know applying for a visa is quite stressing and for worse it’s nerve wrecking as the agony of waiting, as you lodged the visa application already, is really fretting. Yes! I have gone to that feeling and even experienced the most worse scenario could be which is having my application denied,that I’ll be sharing with you in the other post because that’s different story and nothing to do with my NZ application.

Anyway, the requirements for NZ visit visa is pretty easy and basic unlike with other embassies that would required you some notarization, legal letter and even unreasonable documents that you really cant produced with. Hence, applying a visa in New Zealand is way different and a way awesome, I must say, because all you have to present was your proof of funds, evidence of employment and your travel documents. Yes! those are the only I’ve submitted via my online application and they can still process my application without asking further documents to present.


After you lodgement online, I supposed you lodged it online too like I did, just wait for the consulate to open it and have it review ( probably it would take 3-10 days to process ) and once done they’ll be going to send you a letter which states that you’ll have to send over your passport to them through the VFS NEW ZEALAND APPLICATION CENTRE for visa labeling or if not, as NZ is more to eVisa these days on, they’ll probably linking up  your passport unto electronic data which may transfer to their immigration for them to see that you’d still have your visa valid upon entering the country, New Zealand. And after that you can printed out your eVisa that they’ll be going to send over your NZ online visa application account. Yes! that’s how easy it was.. So, try to apply now as their visa in on eased and easily to obtained.

Apply Your New Zealand Visit Visa Online

New Zealand is one of the best country to hang or to visit if you are really into nature and quite places, like myself. Hence, a lot of people are considering visiting the country now as it’s offer a great ambience and the scenic views of mountains and blued seas and rivers are really majestic to see that I know you dont wanna missed to see for your lifetime. So, start applying your a visa today for you to visit the country anytime soon..

By the way, this post is meant for these nationals who’re need to apply for a visa to come to New Zealand and you can check for the list of countries that hasn’t need a visa to entry the country , New Zealand. But if you are residing in the Philippines, like myself, for example or in the same third world countries most probably you needed a visa to come to New Zealand.

New Zealand government are pretty considerable by making their visa application easy and not so time consuming like the old schooled way in applying for a visa as they’ve launched their online visa application whereat we can easily apply for a visa anytime we wanted and all you have to do is to upload documents in the pdf forms over your Realme account that you can start making here: It is just simple to follow and as you have all the documents needed, most probably you can get your visa secured.

Mine actually got approved within 3 business days and I haven’t received any calls from them, to NZ Embassy Manila, just to verify things out or just to confirm on what is my intention visiting their country like most other embassies doing. And other good thing in applying for a visit visa is, for us Filipinos we really dont need to pay the visa fee, its totally free you all, as there was an agreement made by the both governments, NZ & PH, that lifted out the payment levy thingy as we’re applying for the visa. which is good, right? because we dont need to pay a hefty fees for us to acquired the visa.

For the New Zealand visit visa requirements and how to process it please do check my other post here: